Frankenstein: teatro in lingua inglese per il Volterra.
Pubblicato: 20/04/2011  
Autore: segreteria

Venerdì 1 aprile le classi 3A e 3B si sono recate al teatro Eden di Treviso per assistere alla commedia in lingua inglese “Frankensten”, tratta dal romanzo di Mary Shelley del 1818.

La messa in scena in lingua originale,  è stata adattata dalla compagnia di produzione “Palkettostage” costruendo una perfetta ambientazione gotica , con l’utilizzo di strumenti acustici e particolari effetti speciali .

Di seguito i commenti di alcuni studenti intervenuti:

It was a normal school day when the teacher came inside the class room and said “Hey Students! Do you want to hear nice news?” “Yes, why not!! “ “We are going to see “Frankestein”!” “Well, are we going to the cinema teacher ?” “Well, no, we are going to the theatre!”.
 Silence, the classroom became suddently , the air became sad and melancholy and from the end of the class someone screamed “Oh no!”.
Well, anyway, we had to do this trip.
On Friday morning we had the bus to go to Treviso,  around half an hour trip.
When we got there, the only fun we had before the play was at the bar!!
Well, the play started, and most of us were sleepy.. But, it caught !! It started to become funny, or at least, at the end.
The trip started as a nightmare, but slowly it changed into a sweety thing.
At the end, we asked some questions to the actors and then went back home after taking some nice pictures of all the class and teachers!   [Alessandro Ramon]

On Friday 1 April I went to the Theatre in Treviso with my class. In the Theatre we saw the musical “ Frankenstein” in English. During the scenes there were a lot of effects. The actors came from England and Wales and they are very young.
 It was great! I would like to repeat it!   [Christian Cibin ]

On the 1st of April the classes 3A and 3B went to Treviso to see Frankestein. A play which explains and shows us that we can’t go over the moral limits of science. It was very interesting and funny too and we hope to have such a nice and exciting experience next year again.   [Davide  Talon]

On Friday 1st April the classes 3B and the 3A went to Treviso to watch the musical “Frankestein” in English. It played by five British actors. During the play there were a lot of special effects which gave the play the atmosphere of terror and mystery. The costumes and make up were very beautiful especially the monster. The actors were very young but they could communicate a lot of feelings. It was my first time I’ve been to the theatre but I really liked this experience and I hope to have the chance to repeat it.   [Simone Montino]

I really enjoied this play. The actors although very young were very
expressive and clear.
Moreover they came from different parts of Great Britain so we could
appreciate the different accents of London and Wales.
The play although simple was nice thanks to the special effects and
sound effects.
The atmhosphere was gothic, but there were also some funny parts.
For this reason i think that it's an experience to repeat soon.   [Edoardo Bastianetto]

The play was really interesting and involving.
The actors were good because they managed to  change character quickly and they all played very well.
It ‘s the first time I’ve seen a play in English and I must say that  it was a beautiful experience.   [Nicola Deo]

On the 1st of April my class 3A together with 3B went to the Eden Theatre in Treviso and we saw the musical “Frankenstein”
I didn’t enjoy all  the show very much because I couldn’t see the subtitles very well so I couldn’t  understand all the actors said. But the special effets were nice and the actors really great.  
All in all it was a nice day and a good experience.   [Alberto Muzzin]

The trip to Treviso to the theater was really nice. I liked the play and the good actors from England and Wales so much!
It was interesting to find the differences between the film we had watched at school and the play which was based on the original novel by Mary Shelley
I think it was a beautiful experience, and why not, I would like to repeat  it again in the future.
I really liked that play because I love science-fiction and this was a good opportunity to watch a beautiful film and an interesting play in their original language.   [Ahmed Kouza]

The play we saw in Treviso was very interesting.
I had never heard about Frankenstein’s story before, so  it was a new and special way to know it. The actors were excellent and creative and their spoken English was quite interesting, as I realized that Welsh people don’t speak like Londoners who don’t speak like people from Liverpool, just like in Italy!   [Alberto Burato]

The musical revealed the textual story of Victor Franckenstain written by Marry Shelley; but I struggled to understand completely the play because the artists played more characters at once.
The atmosphere was dark so favoring the reading of the sliding text. The audience was involved too because the actors got off the stage and talked to us.   [Francesco Lazzarato]

Since English was the language spoken I didn't understand many words and many facts but I could understand more from the subtitles. I found the actors very experienced in their job even though they were young because their English was clear. Finally I can say that the show was funny and enjoyable.   [Omar Alberti]